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Entering  it's  11th (Eleventh) year  of publication ,  Lacrosse Coach  continues to improve its goal to  assist  coaches in every phase of  lacrosse coaching.  LACROSSE Coach has a very simple game plan: to be the best source of information for the lacrosse coaching professional. Each issue will feature  articles on  coaching some aspect of the game: Offense, defense, clearing, riding, EMO, MDD, set plays, and more.

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Averaging 9-10  pages of lacrosse information, Lacrosse Coach is the equivalent of receiving a clinic in your email 5 times a year.

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 Subscription for the  five (5) published newsletters is a modest $18.95 per year. The Newsletter will be published in October, December, February , March and April and emailed using a PDF file. A composite of the first year Issue is Free and can be accessed by clicking on the following above site:

"I think this publication is a great tool for all lacrosse coaches at any level.  It is insightful, current, and about coaching for coaches.  This publication will make you a better coach". Jim Nagle, Head Coach, State  University at Stony Brook , and two-time collegiate coach of the year
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2014 National Clinic Presentation on : Scouting
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2012 National Clinic Presentation on : 2-1-3 Offense (counting from Behind) ...the options are endless!
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2011 National Clinic Presentation on : Zone Defense(s) to Complement Man to Man Click Here

2008 National Clinic Presentation on the Final Minutes
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